Clark’s Trained Bears

Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln New Hampshire is perhaps best known for their trained bears. Clark’s Trained Bears love ice cream and will do just about anything for their special treat. I have been to Clark’s countless times since I was a kid and have seen these bears do some pretty cool tricks.

They play “Bearsketball”, ride a scooter and go back and forth in their swing¬†among many other tricks. It’s pretty neat to watch them and they have been training bears there for generations and is a family owned business.¬†Bear-Playing-Basketball

On our trip to New Hampshire, we camped for the weekend and explored Franconia Notch with is one of the more popular hiking spots for families. It’s a pretty scenic area with covered walking bridges and water flowing down from the mountains through their popular Flume Gorge which looks like a rocky waterslide streaming down the cutout mountain between two walls of stone.

Franconia Notch is also home to the Former Old Man of the Mountain and Echo Lake, all of which is part of the NH State Park System. If you ever visit New Hampshire be sure to fit in a visit to see Clark’s Trained Bears and hike the Notch.

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