Savoy Mountain Motorcycle Camping

Savoy Mountain State Forest is located in Western Massachusetts along the Hoosac Mountain Range. There are many hiking trails in the area which include Flat Rock Hill and Spruce Hill most all trails ascendĀ up over 2500 feet up.
I like to get away at least once a year and either load up my motorcycle or truck with the essentials and do some hiking and exploring. I love the quiet nature and just sitting in front of a campfire for hours on end. My family has been camping since before I was born and we have been in a tent most of that time. Now that I have the RV I still get that one trip out and set up the tent. Savoy Mountain is one of my favorite spots to camp in Massachusetts. I like to stay in state parks as much as possible, they are a little quieter and always less money than the more commercial privately owned campgrounds, but we do stay at our share of privately owned RV parks now that we have the motorhome.

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