The Berkshires – Massachusetts

Back in 2009, we took a long weekend and went camping in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. There are lots to see and do in The Berkshires including Mout Greylock, Natural Bridge State Park and more.

Natural Bridge State Park is located in North Adams and it’s most popular for its natural white marble bridge. It’s said that the marble from which the bridge is made of is estimated to be 550 million years old and is the only natural white marble bridge in North America. Take some time and explore the almost 45 acres of the state park and be sure to hang out and listen to the water flow over the marble.Veterans War Memorial Tower

Mount Greylock is also located is also a one of a kind in Massachusetts being the highest natural point in the state. Located pretty close to Natural Bridge in Adams Mount Greylock is known for
it’s impressive views. There is a road that weather permitting will allow visitors to drive up to the top where they can find the 90+ foot high Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial Tower.

On our way home we stopped at Hail to the Sunrise Monument in Charlemont. This monument features a reflecting pool and a statue of a Mohawk Indian. The Sunrise Statue was dedicated in 1932 and honors the five Mohawk Nations that lived in Western Massachusetts.

Bridge of Flowers is located in Shelburne and in 1929 was the idea of Antoinette Burnham when the old railway bridge was abandoned back in 1927 and covered with weeds they could not demolish the bridge because it carried a water main between two of the surrounding towns. Antoinette proposed to turn the old bridge into a garden and with the agreement of the town, the Shelburne Woman’s Club sponsored the project. In 1983, the bridge began a $500,000 repair and facelift and is stillĀ one of the most popular and beautiful locations to visit when everything is in bloom over the years.


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