About Stroffoto:

I am an amateur photographer who loves to travel and explore all the while capturing as many photos and videos as possible. I have always loved to share my photos with friends and family, but now want to share it with as many people as possible.

Having traveled to many states for work over the years, I always found time to go out and explore nature and the locations where I was. I mostly love to take landscape, outdoors and nature photos, while out there hiking, camping or just discovering a new location.

I don’t travel for work much anymore, but my better half and I over the last couple years have visited about 37 states while exploring the country in our motorhome. We plan to continue traveling and I plan on continuing to share my photos and maybe some videos along the way.

I will be uploading photos a few times a week to get the site populated. Photos from my work travel days and more recent travels. They will all be in random order as to however I find them on my many hard drives.

I have some photos on a few stock websites and will be adding more to them soon as well as offering any of my photos here on Stroffoto.com for use. That being said photos are for sale and can be used on other sites, print ads or framed photos. This part is still in the works, but if you see anything please feel free to contact me at stroffoto@gmail.com or use the form below.

You can read all our travel stories and follow along with us on our travel blog, Along the Way with J&J.



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