Casco Bay Maine

Casco Bay is an inlet of the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean and covers a large area from Phippsburg, Bath, South Portland and many more. The Bay has a history of the War of 1812, World War I and II.

There are some abandoned military fortifications in the area one of them being Fort Popham and served as an anchorage for the US Navy in the War of 1812.

The have been a few different counts, but history and the United States Coastal Pilot list between 130 and up to just over 200 small islands in the bay area. They were once known as the Calendar Islands for the myth that there were 365 of them out there.

These days people travel to the Caso Bay area for great sailing and sunsets. We went for some camping and exploring the local area. See my post on Fort Popham here.

We stayed at Hermit Island Campground and some of the photos below were taken along the coast there in the campground area.


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