Old Man of the Mountain

The Old Man of the Mountain was one of the top tourist spots in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The jagged rocks protruding out from the side of the mountain formed a sort of profile which looked like an old man’s face which gave it the name The Old Man of the Mountain.

Also known as The Profile and The Great Stone Face the earliest recorded mention of the Old Man of the Mountain was 1805 and it collapsed just short of 200 years later in 2003 after many years of freezing and thawing. The weather caused a crack in the fixture which was noticed in the 1920s and grew larger over the years and all the chains, waterproofing, quick drying concrete and plastic sheeting could not stop the decay and eventual disappearance of the iconic New Hampshire landmark.

The Old Man of the Mountain falls into the New Hampshire State Parks system along with Franconia Notch. See my post here about Franconia Notch and Clark’s Trained Bears.

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